I create "DANCE BY MY GRAVE" to celebrate Infinite Life.

I, Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity (ascension artist; Poland/Germany), source DANCE BY MY GRAVE together with phenomenal international artists and creators fully embodying their life and art: Robert Fischer (musician, teacher, componist; Germany), Nunka Stawieray (sound and visual artist; Poland), Judith Ritter (visual communication artist; Germany), and Pedro Dultra Benevides (lightning designer, Professor of the University of Brasilia; Brasil).

Inviting the finite DANCE BY MY GRAVE into contact with the infinite, we intend to broaden the human understanding of art into art as an act of co-creating and co-experiencing How, Why, and What Is by every being participating; to enrich the aesthetics of the physical reality with the non-physical, multidimensional, and expanded sense of How, Why, and What Is; and to awaken us to the felt sense of How, Why, and What Is and its different quality - different from how we assume reality to be.

Inviting the infinite into the finite DANCE BY MY GRAVE, we intend to expand the experience of how, why, and what we assume reality to be within an artistic context, and to create a time-space context in which life and death engage into a dialogue in, with, and through the limitations of human perception. How they dance their co-(non)-existence reveals access points to the DANCE.

We invite infinity into finity. We invite How, Why, and What Is to be. We invite How, Why, and What Is into the human consciousness, awareness, felt sense. We invite the non-physical infinity into the physical finity of the human body and the finite to feel into the infinite. We invite the human body and the human consciousness to feel into How, Why, and What Is (t)here.

In, with, and through my physical body I, Aleksandra, explore, experience, and embody I AM. The physical me grounds within I AM. I AM grounds within the physical me. Embodying the experience of infinity I am ready to transform into How, Why, and What Is - into infinity - into I AM so that I be I AM - so that I BE. And I invite every body participating in DANCE BY MY GRAVE, the artists and the audience, to experience infinity in, with, and through their physical selves. I invite them to allow How, Why, and What Is to be - to recognise How, Why, and What Is is. I invite them to feel into How, Why, and What Is - to feel into infinity - into themselves - into I AM. I I AM and they I AM - together we become one infinity - one I AM - I AM

Inviting infinity into the dancing interaction with the finite existence and our limitation-based reality we intend to expand the understanding of How, Why, and What Is from the 3d perspective into the embodied understanding of infinity as How, Why, and What Is. We desire to open everyday perceiving to a much greater perspective of life from which each of us can source once the experience of I AM is allowed to be as it is. From (t)here we connect to a different quality of experiencing the finite life. From (t)here we naturally expand towards ecstasy of freedom. From (t)here we effortlessly remember what we have forgotten - we remember that we ourselves are infinity.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE operates within the multi-sensory context treating vision only as one of the six senses to relate to and intuition as the new normal. Creating connections with tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, touching, and most importantly with intuiting - our innate wisdom and the sixth sense of the audience members, we invite the unseen to co-create. We interlace various sensory channels criss-crossing them through the multiple potentiality for mutual contribution they represent, connecting with each other and the audience from a (non)-physical place and space. From the multidimensional essence of each of us and us all - CREATION we all expand DANCE BY MY GRAVE beyond the finite space, place, and duration of the performance into infinity.

We elevate both the experience and understanding of the aesthetics within the physical reality. Sourcing and creating from the non-physical of multidimensional awareness and six sensory perception, we create physical manifestations of the non-physical reality of I AM. We transform the non-physical into the physical. The untouchable can be touched. The unseen is crystal clear. The unreal becomes our reality.

In, with, and through DANCE BY MY GRAVE we open space for communication with death - the greatest taboo on this planet, the finite of the human life, the core of the limitation-based perception. Looking at death, looking death into the eyes, looking into death, we befriend How, Why, and What is. We give time and space for the human experience of finity. We release the withheld fear, agony, grief. We recognise, acknowledge, and feel the presence of death in life. We accompany death in life.

– Yes
– What do you need? 
– I need your company, your beingness, your presence. I NEED TO BE FELT. I need to be recognised and appreciated for what I am. I need to be tasted, to be smelled, to be seen, to be heard. I need to be touched. Just like everything alive, I need to be experienced. I NEED TO BE FELT. And I need to be treated gently, very gently. Yes, gentleness soothes me. I need to be taken care of like a newly born baby. Can you do this? Can you be gentle with me?

Death expresses in, with, and through me dancing, speaking, sounding; in, with, and through Hannah’s photography and video; in, with, and through Hamid’s music; in, with, and through Nunka’s visualisations; in, with, and through Pedro’s lightning; in, with, and through Judith’s stage communication; in, with, and through Elizabeth’s embryological support; in, with, and through Karolina’s photography and video performance documentation. In, with, and through us all. In, with, and through Silence.

How is it to converse with death? My own death? Does my death belong to me? Does death belong to anybody? How can I talk with how, why, and what non-existent is? Can death be alive? Where is it? Where shall I find death? Do I actually need to seek?

We see through death. We feel through death. We dance through death. We are through death. We are I AM. And we invite each person experiencing and participating in DANCE BY MY GRAVE to see through death, to feel through death, to dance through death, to be through death, and to remember I AM we are.

I die. I am born. You die. You are born. We die. We are born...

May we be through.