I know no death

Today you died. Did you? How could you have died if there is no death? How could you have died today if there is no time? How could you have ever died if time is an illusion? I know neither death nor time, how could I know your death? 

– Death

– Yes

– What do you need? 

– I need your beingness, your presence, your company. I need to be felt, to be recognised, to be appreciated for how, why, what I am. I need to be tasted, to be smelled, to be seen, to be heard. I need to be touched. Just like everything alive, I need to be experienced. And I need to be treated gently, very gently. Yes, gentleness soothes me. I need to be taken care of like a newly born baby. Can you imagine taking care of me, a newly born? 

– ...

– I need to be given time and space. Give me time. Give yourself time. You will know when this time is over. You will know it naturally. We will know it together. When the time is over, let me go, let yourself go. And give me space. Give yourself space to be with me. Give yourself space to be among me and feel how, why, and what reveals. Feel it with your totality. (T)here is nothing to fear.

Hold me in Silence. We do not need to talk now. Do we? Well, if you need to tell me anything, say it. I always listen to you. Then enter Silence. Open to Silence. Welcome my Silence, the Silence of Death. Listen carefully. Listen into it. Listen into me and hear my sound. Hear the sound of Silence, the sound of Death. Hear what arises from it. Hear me speaking to you through Silence. Hear my words. I love you so much. I just love you. I never want to cause pain. Never. I just love you. See through me.

Fear not. I am not here to scare you. I am not here to hurt you. I am here for I am one with you. I am one with everything. There is nothing alive I am not part of. Take me as I am. Take me into your arms. Embrace me. Soothe me. Soothe yourself holding me. Together we soothe you terror, you pain, you denial.

I see you surrounded by Light. I see you radiating Light. I see you walking towards Light. I see you transforming into Light. You Light transforming into Light. How can you Light transform into how, why, what you already are? Light, I love you so much, I miss you so much. I am dying for you my Beloved Light! In your presence I feel transforming into myself. Me into you. Light into Light. How can I transform into how, why, what I already am? Into I AM. I am I AM