DANCE BY MY GRAVE happens within the Now of now and within the Here of here. The desire of the time-space she finds herself in orchestrates its beingness and dance. Nothing can be predicted. Neither can anything be taken for granted. Its (non)progression may cause irritation and dizziness. Worry not. If it does, take a break. Take the time you need to rest and come back to watching once you have rested. Do not force yourself.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE does not contradict the self. Though to many it may seem to be doing so. It does not. Its truth is polymorphic. It is multi truth. DANCE BY MY GRAVE offers multitudinous truths and the freedom of choice between multiple possibilities.

It satisfies no need for expalnation, confirmation, security. Yet, it does explain, confirm, and provide assurance to those ready to receive.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is chronological and logical. It follows the thread of its life. It follows the self. It delights in the self and luxuriates with the self.