moment-to-moment practising being How, Why, and What Is in the body, with the body, through the body


Multiple body. Multiple bodies. MULTIPLE.

in the body_with the body_through the body

body in multiple bodies_multiple body in multiple bodies_multiple bodies in the body

body of multiple bodies_multiple bodies of the body

body in multiple bodies_body with multiple bodies_body through multiple bodies

multiple bodies in the body_multiple bodies with the body_multiple bodies through the body

body within multiple bodies

multiple lives in the body_multiple lives with the body_multiple lives through the body

in, with, through the body - space in which, with which, through which I perceive and experience_I rejoice and celebrate; space in which, with which, through which I experience Mystery_Mystery of How, Why, and What Is_Mystery of Infinity; space where the seen meets the unseen_the physical the non-physical_the touchable the untouchable; space where the human dances with the divine; space of bountiful potentialities; space of infinitude of relating; space of me infinity_of you infinity_of us infinity; sacred space_human place_humanly divine dancing eternity_multiple eternity

multiple me infinity in the body_with the body_through the body

body_every body_no body

body_essence_body source

body me multiverse_body you multiverse_body us multiverse

multi-levelled, multi-directional, multi-referential, multilayered, multi

I invite the non-physical Infinity into the physical finity of the human body. (T)here I ground it. In the physical body I live it. With the physical body I experience it. Through the physical body I express it. I embody the felt sense of Infinity. Infinity I AM


a multidimensional living beingness

a source, a resource

a question, an answer

embodied body, embodying the body

expanded body, expanding the body

Guiding me through the pathways of life, the body lives endlessness. Knowing within expands exponentially as I descend into the heart. The heart awakens the body into How, Why, and What Is.


space I live in, space I live with, space I live through, space I AM through

space of the known and of the unknown_of the seen and of the unseen_of the in-between

space I perceive in, with, through, space I perceive from, space of moment-to-moment perceiving, moment-to-moment experiencing, space of moment-to-moment relating, space of moment-to-moment living, space of moment-to-moment being

space of beingness, space of spacelessness, space of timelessness

space of everythingness, space of nothingness, space of never less, space of forever more

space of infinite lives, of their constants, and of their transformations


structure I live in

structure I live with

structure I live through

moment-to-moment materialisation of How, Why, and What Is_breath-to-breath manifestation of How, Why, and What Is_endless revelation of How, Why, and What Is

a chamber of you being, a chamber for You being

a vessel of you knowing, a vessel for You knowing

a temple of you, a temple for You Eternal Celebration