I am a dolphin once. I am a dolphin multiple times. Ecstatic sounds dance their luxuriant colours. They dance themselves. My ears open to hear. My ears hear beyond, beneath, and in between. Into the infinite I hear. Heavenly joy. Heavenly joy I hear. Heavenly joy I am. Lush, defiant, uninhibited joy I am. Sun rays enter the within of me water. I see from the within of me. I see from the within of water. I see water. I see light. Light dances its presence towards me. A dolphin whistles profusely. High, high, very high I, a dolphin, whistle. A dolphin I AM

Can you hear birds singing? Let them sing. Let yourself hear them chirping first thing in the morning.

Look! Look into the light dancing into the within of water. Look into the grass glistening through the early-morning dew.

They glimmer and shimmer. Euphoric colours unchain their untamed nature.

Light releases its form. All forms release themselves. Everything softens. Everything rounds and soothes its existence. Borders become borderless and angles angleless. Walls lose the sense of presence. Rules find their pointlessness. Impediments, barricades, blockages deliquesce into motion. Motion fluidises How, Why, and What we assume to be. Structures, concepts, ideas dissolve into beingness. Matter diffuses. Eternal dissolution into How, Why, and What Is.

We enter the out of space. We enter the out of time. Time and space liquefy into non-existence. Dissolved, they suspend the finite. From the in-between of the suspended finite permeates the infinite. We permeate into the beyond, beneath, and into the in-between of non-existent time and non-existent space. We are in, with, and through their non-existence. Non-existence we are.

Orange, yellow, white light radiates its hazy density.

Voice. My voice. Your voice. Me voice. You voice. Me voice in you. You voice in me. Me voice with you. You voice with me. Me voice through you. You voice through me. You speak through me. I speak through you. I ask. You answer. You ask. I answer. I ask, you ask. Silence.

I live through infinity. Infinity lives in me, with me, through me. Infinity lives me.

Look into the blue sky. The blue of the sky is very different from the blue of the pen ink. What is the colour of air?

We are where we are. We are within Ever(Y)land of Light. We are within Ever(Y)LightLand. We need to go nowhere. Neither do we need to come anywhere. We just are. We just are where we are. We are at home. We are home.

We create from home. We create from being home. To create we surrender. We practise surrendering. We practise surrendering to How, Why, and What Is so that How, Why, and What Is create in, with, and through us. We practise. Moment to moment we practise. We practice being Ever(Y)LightLand. Ever(Y)LightLand we are.

Ascended we.

I scent ecstasy. I hear ecstasy. I hear ecstasy in, with, and through silence. I hear ecstasy beyond, beneath, and in between silence. I touch elation. I inhale euphoria. How does euphoria smell? Euphoria, let me taste your scent! Ecstasy, let me smell your voice! Let me touch your cheeks! Let me caress you heaven! Let me be you! Me you! You me! I am you. I am me. I am ecstasy!


I receive. Baby socks wait for me on fences. Balloons fly through the air into my reach. Sweets come into my eyes under the cover of night. Yesterday a golf GTI presents itself to me through the moonlight.

On 19th November 2019 I paint bliss. The form of its colour dissolves as I paint its shapelessness into the middle of the circle canvas. Within the Centre of its centre the spacelessness of bliss reveals. Its wakefulness catches my breath. Its peace excites my skin. Its serenity electrifies my organs.


I practise living. I practise me living. I practise. I do not need to die. I will not die.

Navel, are you an entrance or an exit? How are you? Why are you? What are you?

How can I register scent? I desire to keep the scent of this morning. I desire to hold the scent of every morning. I desire to bathe in you, the scent of every morning.

Death and sex are each other.


Am I dreaming? Am I living? Am I both? Am I one?

How is the pain of Death? Why is the pain of Death? What is the pain of Death?

Can you hear angelic bells ringing? Can you hear them ringing within, without, in between? Their sounds dance themselves into waterfalls of multi coloured light. How do the sounds of angels scent? They scent of purity and innocence. They scent of ecstasy. They are the ecstasy of celebration.

An invisible leap of light. You cannot see it. You realise the leap once it has happened.

A visible pleasure of life, its tastes, scents, sounds, textures, shades, colours, adventures, perspectives, ..., and their in-between. Change your perspective. Move and change your perspective.

Infinity, do you need my invitation?

The sound of a kiss, let me hear you.

I walk with a pack of balloons. I hear them sounding around me. I feel them touching me. Look, how they are dancing in the air! One of them sets itself free. I see a pink ballon flying up into heavens.

Intuit your vibration.

We taste the uneatable. We smell the scentless. We hear the unhearable. We see the unseen. We eat sounds. We smell images. We hear watermelon. We see through. We create ethereal beauty.

Death, if you do not exist, why do I talk with you?

Whose fear is it?

We own places and spaces of non-existence.

I love cocos. Do you love it either?


You are the portal.

I live within water. I live water. Water I AM

Fire love me. Love me Fire.

Busiu, you live within me!

Naked innocence. Innocent nakedness. Pure, primal, free.

Deer, I feel me becoming you.

Spirit is a quality of presence.

My body is my sacred clothing.

Coconut flakes fall down from the winter sky.

How does the scent of Mary roses sound? Could you register the sound of the scent? Could you draw the scent of the sound? How does the scent of blossoming trees sound?

They say that you died. I know you did not!

Coconut freedom.

Whiteness renders itself into transparency. Existence into non-existence, into different existence, into different and same existence.

My clothing is covered with multiple tiny bells. As I walk, they sound playfully dancing with one another.

Multidirectional I breathe the scent of freedom.

How do butterflies smell?

Within the Now of now lies MultiTruth. Within the Now of now and within the Here of here you MultiTruth are.

I do not believe in how, why, what the world says. I do not believe in how, why, what the world proposes. I am learning to love you World.

Imagining is allowing How, Why, and What Is.


There is something strange in your death. It is your aliveness. It is You Aliveness! I see You Aliveness! You died and I feel You Aliveness!

Walking through the forest, I kiss trees and caress plants. They smile. We talk.

On 6th May 2019 I bow to the Moon. I desire to embrace you Moon. I miss you.

I kiss you water. I kiss you lusciously and purely. We transcend.

I burn within you water. I swim within you fire. I run within you air. I fly within you earth.


Once upon a time I walk backwards through the forest. In the split of a second I sense all-encompasing wings grow from my shoulder blades, from my shoulder blades up to heaven.

I am dying for I AM

Clouds of soap bubbles touch my physical borders.

I see a monstrous tree being and cloud faces.

Again, again I ask: how does the scent sound? How does the sound smell? Which one? The scent of Freedom, the sound of its scent.

I move to transform how, why, and what is. I move and transform how, why, and what is into How, Why, and What Is. A grey menacing horse transfigures into a pure white unicorn. There is neither negative judgment nor positive appreciation. None of them exists within Source.

I burn you air. I melt you sun. I kiss you moon. I fondle you flowers. Love me.

A moving embryo me. An embryo moving within me. An embryo moving me.

Flowers liberate from guilt.

I cleanse my body with fruit pulp.

Wait, I need to consult the water.

Sage, cleanse our space please.

Why don't I feel the human grief? Why don't I enter the mourning? Why should I?

I just wish to accompany you through what they assume to be the end.

Mystery of Ever(Y)land, a land of multi reality, a land of ecstasy and elation, a land of celebration. Within Ever(Y)land celebration is the first and ultimate purpose. (T)here celebration is everything. (T)here celebration is everywhere. (T)here there is never too much of celebration. (T)here there is always more and more. More lightness, more laughter. More vibrantly shimmering lights. More lavishly rejoicing sounds. More bountiful flowers releasing their extravagant scents. More and more. More of me, more of you, more of us. Moment to moment delighting in eternal celebration.

(T)here are lots of flowers and an abundance of dancing. All ephemeral. All so ephemeral, ungraspable, impermanent. Is it? It may be sensed. It may be felt. It may be experienced. You may scent the flowers before they (dis)appear. You may dance the dance before you (dis)appear. Can flowers scent you dance?

I am a transparently rainbowed unicorn with a golden horn. Sense my quality. Feel my quality. Feel me abundance. Feel me celebration. Inhale celebration into yourself. Invite celebration into your own felt sense. Create it you reality.


Stars flood us with sky light. Meditate on your own death. Let stars accompany you. Know that you do not need to die.

We live within a temple. Honour you temple.

Death, I don't believe that you want us to fear.

We do not go. Neither do we come. We are within Ever(Y)land from How, Why, and What we are. We are within Ever(Y)land from home. Ever(Y)land we are.

I will not die.

We live on the cloud. We own the cloud. The cloud owns us. From Freedom.

Can you hear the scent of Mary roses? I can. Enter my nose. Enter my ears. Their scent sounds somewhere (t)here in between.

I melt into us. I dissolve into us. I AM

When I eat one of these fruits, I show you its sight.

What colour am I? And now? What colour am I now? And now? Now? What colour I AM?

Am I one or many? How many am I? Can you count? You cannot. I cannot either.

Be. Be How, Why, What you are. Be How, Why, What I AM

It is what you cannot escape from. It is what is always there.

I say to Robert in one of his recent morning dreams.

Today I hear "Stop". I ask "Why?". I receive the response: "Because I forbid you". I hear the response and I freeze. I hardly realise the freeze. I only recognise it hours later. Only hours later I know that hearing "Because I forbid you" I vanish into nonexistence.

They say that you are not, that you are absent, that you do not exist, that you died, that they buried you, that there is your grave, that you are there, that you are in this grave and I listen and I say nothing and I think to myself: ‘but … what are we talking about? what are you telling me?’ and I open my eyes wide and I look at your photo and they say that you are not. They say that you are not, that you are absent and for me you are forever more present. You are more and more and more. You just are. Do you understand me? So how am I to talk with them? I will not talk with them. [silence] I will not talk with them. I will talk to them. If they desire to hear, they will and if they do not, they will not. And I will just say it again - I will say that you are, that you are just as they are, just as I am. I will tell them that they are wrong. I will tell them: you’d better start feeling yourselves.