I have always known that I know something very precious. Yet, I could not name it. I remember a message running through me in my teenage years: "When you connect with your power, people will have fear". It was two days before the death of Buśka, my Grandma, in June 2017, that I realised what my knowing is. I know that death does not exist.

I intend to cause no fear. I come to embrace the human fear.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is motivated by my most profound embodied knowing that infinity is How, Why, and What is. I call infinity I AM. Feeling, understanding, and knowing from the multidimensional perspective, I invite the expanded wisdom of I AM to enter the space of the felt sense within my body and within the body of everybody participating in DANCE BY MY GRAVE, both the co-artists and the audience. Exploring, experiencing, embodying, and expressing infinity in, with, and through the physical body, I develop its physical actualisations and creative manifestations, and organise them into a multi sensory performance whose purpose is to address spaceless timeless infinity in, with, and through the limitation-based finity of here now.

I am moved, elated, and honoured to offer "DANCE BY MY GRAVE" to this world. I will be happy to share this experience with you live. Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is a dance of beingness. Beingness dances. Beingness teaches me dance to be. Beingness teaches me to be as I dance. So that I be as I dance. Beingness teaches me to be. So that I be how, why, what I dance. Beingness grounds me dance into itself. Beingness grounds me dance into me beingness.

Time dances its way into suspension. Spaces dances its way into expansion. We enter the out of time. We enter the out of space. Within the Now of now, within the Here of here DANCE begins. How, why, what is the very "..." that begins? Could you sense into the very "..."? Could you receive the very "..."? Could you feel into the very "..."? Could you feel into you?