I have always known that I know something very precious. Yet, I could not name it. I remember a message running through me in my teenage years: "When you connect with your power, people will have fear". It was two days before the death of Buśka, my Grandma, in June 2017, that I realised what my knowing is. I know that death does not exist.

I intend to cause no fear. I come to embrace the human fear.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is motivated by my most profound embodied knowing that infinity is How, Why, and What is. I call infinity I AM. Feeling, understanding, and knowing from the multidimensional perspective, I invite the expanded wisdom of I AM to enter the space of the felt sense within my body and within the body of everybody participating in DANCE BY MY GRAVE, both the co-artists and the audience. Exploring, experiencing, embodying, and expressing infinity in, with, and through the physical body, I develop its physical actualisations and creative manifestations, and organise them into a multi sensory performance whose purpose is to address spaceless timeless infinity in, with, and through the limitation-based finity of here now.

I am moved, elated, and honoured to offer "DANCE BY MY GRAVE" to this world. I will be happy to share this experience with you live. Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity