DANCE BY MY GRAVE is created by:

Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity - direction, choreography, dance, sound, text

Robert Fischer - tone, voice, rhythm

Hayriye Gürler - video

Hamid Drake - music

Nunka Stawieray - visualisations

Judith Ritter - visual communication

Pedro Dultra Benevides - lightning

Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity

envoy of the 11th Dimension, ascension artist, dancer, performer, choreographer, writer, …

Photography: Karolina Krausser, Transformation: Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity

I AM Creation. Through the physical body I embody How, Why, and What Is. 
And I dance. I dance within Mystery. Mystery dances within me. It dances with me and through me. Mystery dances me. I am Dance. I am Sound. I am Word. I am ... and I celebrate. I celebrate and I AM

Robert Fischer

musician, teacher, componist

What is creating and what is being created is one. What I create is not for me. Life is creating. Life is creation. Creating from that makes creation become a carrier of the infinite power of presence.

Hayriye Gürler

Nunka Stawieray

film and theatre score composer, vocalist, columnist, poet and most of all artist who expresses magical realism, creates sound effects, images, words and their in-between, unveiling what is the hardest to describe - intimacy

Judith Ritter

visual artist

Pedro Dultra Benevides

lightning designer

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is co-created by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt.

DANCE BY MY GRAVE is co-created by Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory – Music Academy Frankfurt am Main. ![]